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Get alerts when something happens in your neighborhood
Get alerts when something happens in your neighborhood

ATLANTA -- How would you like to know immediately when a crime or something suspicious happens in your neighborhood? You don't have to wait until you get the email from your homeowner's association president and you don't have to wait until it becomes rumor. You can get it in real time from a company called Village Defense.

Sharath Mekala came up with the idea for Village Defense after he was a victim of a home break in. Two years ago he got a call at work, his home alarm company notified him. "I came back home to a neighborhood of about 800 people and no one had noticed or seen someone kick my door in," Sharath said. "I realized the neighborhood didn't have an internal communication system."

He and Nathan Black came up with Village Defense, a real time mass notification system that alerts all residents of a neighborhood when a crime or suspicious activity happens.

In theory, immediately after a witness to a crime calls 911, they would call a Village Defense hotline. Village Defense would send out alerts to the whole neighborhood, creating potentially, hundreds of witnesses. Those alerts are sent your home phone and by text and voice message to your cell phone. "Immediately after we press send, the message gets delivered simultaneously within seconds to everyone," Sharath said.

Village Defense also collects data from crime maps the Spot Crime map at www.11alive.com/crime. "Each month we'll go ahead and send each customer monthly crime reports so that they can check their progress and see what's going on," he said.

It costs a dollar a month for residents of a neighborhood. A lot of times that would be tacked onto your subdivision or neighborhood dues. An individual can sign up for $3 a month. Go to www.villagedefense.com for more information.



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