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Grantville police chief to be paid for suspension | Politics

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Grantville police chief to be paid for suspension
Grantville police chief to be paid for suspension

GRANTVILLE, Ga. (CowetaLocal.com) -- Grantville Police Chief Doug Jordan's suspension has been set aside and his pay is to be restored for the period that he was suspended by the Grantville City Council.

Following a sometimes heated discussion, the city council voted to rescind the suspension and pay Jordan for the time that he missed.

Chief Jordan was suspended by members of the city council for violating city policy of informing the city manager of any activity that is not routine in nature. While on vacation in Arizona, Chief Jordan visited with “America’s Toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio” and spoke with him about his vision for improving his department's tactics for fighting an ever increasing drug problem in the small west Georgia town.

The Monday night meeting was packed with those wanting to voice opposition to the chief's suspension.

"When I'm on vacation, I am free to associate with whoever I want to unless it's a hate group," said Randy Roberts of the Fraternal Order of Police. "If somebody's out there doing something and associating with whoever they want to, I hate to tell you this, but it's none of your business."

Chief Jordan returned to duty last week. The suspension will be removed from his record.

"I'm ecstatic about it. I'm glad it happened, of course," Jordan said. "Hopefully, it is over. We will start enforcing our laws like we talked about: harder and tougher. That is what we're going to do."


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