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Devastating Tornado Damage near Hot Springs, Arkansas | News

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Devastating Tornado Damage near Hot Springs, Arkansas
Devastating Tornado Damage near Hot Springs, Arkansas




Atlanta Storm Chasers arrive on the scene of a devastating tornado that tore through a small neighborhood just north of Hot Springs, Arkansas on April 25th, 2011. At the time of our arrival Police and EMS were nowhere to be found, likely isolated from the city by dozens of downed trees and power lines.


There were initial rumors of a trapped woman and small child. After several minutes of trying to find the trapped persons, we realized that there was an oversaturation of attention on these few people and the fact that there were other people likely in need of help. We returned to the other end of the neighborhood where we parked our modified Toyota 4runner and begun to search a handful of houses for trapped survivors.

As far as we are aware, there were no fatalities in the destroyed neighborhood and no trapped survivors. At worst there were a couple of injuries which the local EMS handled perfectly.


After EMS and Law enforcement arrived and began operations, we decided to check the area one more time and then leave the area. However, mother nature had other plans. Word came over the weather radios that there may be yet another tornado in the area. Police evacuated everyone out of the open into the central hallway of the still intact church as it was clear that the storm was nearing. We waited in this church for a solid hour until it was clear that the threat had passed. We left the church and sat in our car another hour until the roads were cleared.


We departed the small city around 10:30 PM feeling saddened and sobered. This isn't the first time we have witnessed life-changing disasters and unfortunately will not be the last.


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