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Smash and grab at gun store in Coweta County | News

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Smash and grab at gun store in Coweta County

COWETA COUNTY, GA-- Thieves made off with approximately $70,000 worth of rifles early Sunday morning after a bold smash and grab at The AR Bunker.

It happened just before 5 am.

Owner Rusty Morris shared video surveillance video that shows three men  back a Honda Accord through the front door and windows, grab all the rifles they can carry, then drive away about 50 seconds later.

You see officers arrive on the scene about 20 seconds to investigate the alarm going off, but the thieves were already gone.

"The investigators say the car they were in was stolen. They crashed it in the industrial park right behind our store, gathered up all the rifles they could carry and took off into the woods toward the interstate," said Morris.

One theory is that the burglars had a getaway car waiting for them on the interstate.

Morris and employees spent the rest of Sunday cleaning up the smashed displays and shattered glass.  He believes about 30 rifles were taken including sporting rifles, 22-caliber rifles and some AR-15s.

"I bet someone could sell those for a lot of money in the northern states where some rifles have been banned," said Morris.

Morris said the burglary was unexpected since The AR Bunker has bars on all the windows, double backed security alarms and a video surveillance system.


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