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Van sold days ago in Ga. matches Texas attack vehicle | News

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Van sold days ago in Ga. matches Texas attack vehicle

NEWNAN, Ga. -- A shootout hundreds of miles away in front of a Dallas, Texas police station could have a very local tie - the armored, gun-ported van that the shooter used to mount his attack.

The distinctive van that the suspect used in the shooting is seemingly identical to one that 11Alive has confirmed was sold less than a week ago in an online auction.

The van was sold on eBay by a small family-run Newnan business that sells and rents commercial trucks and vans.

11Alive hasn't been able to get in contact with the business owners but did find the original eBay listing for their van - which had very distinctive attributes.

While the vehicle identification number on the attack vehicle has not been released, here's what the eBay listing says about the local vehicle.

The listing touted the 1995 Ford van as being a SWAT Team certified armored vehicle.

The business owners bought the van from Pickens County, S.C. before putting it up for auction.

The winning bid was for $8,250 this past Sunday.

Bid history shows that the buyer initially conducted a bidding war - against himself - to get this van.

He was outbidding himself. He originally bid $5,000, then bid $6,000 and $7,000 within 43 seconds.

Someone else jumped in later and bid $8,000. That's when the buyer put in two more bids before ultimately winning out.

eBay doesn't list the winning bidders name.

An ad appearing on the company's Facebook page showed that the sellers were touting the vehicle as a "Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport" - likely playing off off the popularity of "The Walking Dead" which filmed some episodes in Newnan.

The Social Media page has since been taken down.


The ad talks about how the van has gun ports and bulletproof glass as well as bumpers made of reinforced steel tubing.

Now a vehicle with some - if not all - of the same attributes is at the center of a shooting investigation.

Further comparisons between the Georgia vehicle and the one used in Texas will likely have to be more than cosmetic now, however. The van in Texas was decimated by a fire leaving only the burnt out armored frame intact.

11Alive has attempted to contact the business owners several times to find out if they knew anything about the person they sold this van to and have not yet received a response.

Meanwhile, the Newnan Police Department sent out a statement Saturday afternoon that said the following:

The Newnan Police Department has not been contacted by any local or out-of-state Law Enforcement Agencies requesting our department to assist them with an investigation in regards to a social media rumor that the van involved in the incident was purchased in our jurisdiction...If that request were to be submitted, the Newnan Police Department will assist them in their investigation at that time. The Department added that they do not track private transactions of vehicle sales.


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