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15 vehicles windows shot out over Thanksgiving | News

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15 vehicles windows shot out over Thanksgiving

COWETA COUNTY, Ga -- Someone is driving around the North side of Coweta County shooting out windshields and windows of vehicles parked at residences.

The Coweta County Sheriff Office is investigating 15 cases of vandalism that happened on the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day and the day after the holiday.

Someone's idea of fun is causing a lot of heartache and costing victims a lot of money. "Well, it's put a damper on Christmas around here," said Rita McMillan, one of the victims.

Rita McMillan has the receipts to back her consternation. Her pickup trucks back window was damaged and had to be replaced, costing her around $400. She said her insurance wouldn't cover any of the damage.

Two other pickup trucks parked at her Newnan home Thanksgiving night were also damaged. Her son Alex's truck had two dents from some sort of pellet or BB and his back window was also damaged.

Another pickup truck owned by Jacob Mikulskis' had two side windows shattered and a rear view mirror damaged by some sort of pellet. I'm still not done getting it fixed," Mikulskis said. "It will probably be around $400 or $450, something like that."


Coweta County Sheriff investigators only have a vague description of a suspect vehicle from a witness. The vehicle is described as a 2000's model, Ford Explorer, red in color. The vehicle was either missing a rear hubcap or was driving on a spare tire.

Investigators said other similar incidents have been reported just outside the county in Chattahoochee Hills, Tyrone and Fayette County. They described the weapon used in all the cases as a BB gun, pellet gun or Airsoft pistol/rifle.

If anyone has any information about the vandalism they should contact Sgt. Jason Fetner at 678-423-6711 or email him at jfetner@coweta.ga.us

"It's crazy," McMillan said. "They need to catch whoever is doing it."

"I just think it's some immature kids trying to show off or just trying to act cool," Mikulskis said. It's definitely not cool."

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