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Globe traveler Andrés Díaz Joins Wadsworth & Friends Concert Performers | Arts & Culture

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Globe traveler Andrés Díaz Joins Wadsworth & Friends Concert Performers
Arts & Culture
Globe traveler Andrés Díaz Joins Wadsworth & Friends Concert Performers

NEWNAN -- Andrés Díaz travels the globe and plays his cello on the world's most illustrious concert stages. He has, at the very same time, a special link to Newnan's Wadsworth Auditorium stage and anticipates his return to Newnan and his performance before this area's audiences.

Native born in Chile, Díaz came to the US at a very tender age when his father immigrated to the US and joined Robert Shaw's Atlanta Symphony Orchestra as a viola player. Already a student of playing the cello, Andrés' skills increased while living in Georgia. As it happened, he also became much more familiar with Newnan and surrounds when his father re-married and he became the stepson of Newnan's Betty Ann Bailey. It was during that time that he became familiar with Newnan and Coweta County. He remembers Newnan well and also recalls playing his cello in Newnan's Presbertian Church. Years - and many of the world's concerts stages later - it prompts Andrés to say, "I'm now really looking forward to coming to Newnan, performing in the March 19 concert, and, again, eating barbecue at Sprayberry's. Performing on this great stage is a very special treat to me."

As a young and exceptional student of the cello, Díaz left his home in Atlanta to further his studies, graduated from the New England Conservatory, and went on to challenge contestants and win notable cello competitions throughout the world. As a youth, he garnered both grants and praise because of his exceptional talents.

Now, as a world-renowned and highly recognized cellist, his name is added to the list of performers who will be a part of the 2011 Wadsworth & Friends Concert. Now, traveled throughout the world and having appeared on many of the great concert stages throughout the globe, Díaz will perform in the Wadsworth Auditorium on March 19. Having performed in Newnan previously years ago, he anticipates a return to the Wadsworth Auditorium stage.

Charles Wadsworth, previously preparing a concert program that included French cellist Sebestian Hurtuad, said, "Andrés' accommodation to perform on this date and join this concert program represents the best of the very best for this Newnan concert."

Andrés Díaz now residing in Dallas, Texas, serves as an Associate Professor - Music at Southern Methodist University. Married and with two young sons, he balances his demanding musical career with his family, global travel demands, and personal pursuits which include working on automobile engines and racing cars. Mr. Díaz plays a 1698 Matteo Goffriller cello with a bow made by his father Manuel Díaz.

Andrés' father and stepmother reside in Columbus, Georgia.

Tickets for the concert will be available, effective March 1 at Scott's Book Store on the Courthouse Square, Morgans Jewelers at Ashley Park, and Bank of Coweta at Thomas Crossroads and are budget priced at $20. for adults and $15. for students and 65+ seniors. Contact Gina Snyder at 770 253 2358 x203 or  (gsnyder@cityofnewnan.org) for information regarding the concert's Patron and Sponsor programs.

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