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DUI Suspect Had Two Prior Arrests | News

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DUI Suspect Had Two Prior Arrests

NEWNAN, GA -- Police records show a woman charged with injuring an 11-year-old while under the influence of drugs had two prior DUI arrests, both coming in a span of 10 days.

Meanwhile, the mother of suspect Hannah Nichole Freeman says her daughter was hooked on prescription drugs.

"She was a bright, articulate, compassionate nurse," said Sheila Freeman. "Prescription drugs have destroyed her life."

The suspect's mother says Hannah Freeman lost her nursing job after a failed drug test two years ago. Sheila Freeman says despite her daughter's problems, she couldn't stop the 27-year-old from driving.

"She would fight you," said Sheila Freeman. "There was no way you could stop her from getting in the car when she was craving the drugs."

Coweta County Sheriff's Deputies believe Hannah Freeman was driving under the influence of drugs on Saturday. They've charged her with striking 11-year-old Tracy Blankenship Gaydoul as he walked with his father along Welcome Arnco Road. The child suffered multiple broken bones in his face and legs. His family says he may have reconstructive surgery on his face this Friday, and faces a long recovery.

"As bad as I'd like to take a baseball bat and put her in the same shape that child is in, God's punishment is going to be worse than that," said Shirley Hardegree, Tracy Blankenship Gaydoul's grandmother.

According to reports from the Newnan Police Department, Hannah Freeman had two prior arrests for driving under the influence of drugs.

On September 27 of last year, an officer wrote that Freeman backed into a car in a parking lot. The officer reported that Freeman had trouble identifying what day it was, and stated that she was "messed up."

Ten days later, on October 9, she was stopped on Greenville Street in Newnan. According to the police report, she had slurred speech, droopy eyes, and had a difficult time focusing. The report states that Freeman informed Detention Officers that she had "taken three to four Soma, a muscle relaxer, approximately an hour before driving."

Court officials say she was awaiting a February court date on both charges when she was arrested again.

Her mother is pleading for mercy from the family of 11-year-old Tracy Blankenship Gaydoul.

"I know Jesus Christ forgives everybody," said Sheila Freeman. "I just hope they will learn to forgive Hannah."


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